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Roommate Interview Questions

How often do you clean your Room?

Cleanliness is one thing that is common issue that leads to the split of roommates. Some people are super clean and some people are a little laid back about cleanliness. The other category of people fails to know the importance or the meaning of Cleanliness. So it is important to know your roommate’s take on Cleanliness and see of you are fine with it.

By when do you pay the Rent?

This question would give you an idea as to how sincere the individual is about money and when it comes to paying off bills, how promptly does he /she behave. The main reason to ask this question is to know the take of the individual regarding money so that it does not became a huge pain and you do not suffer because of it. I remember I had a roommate who had a good pay package but was somehow not very sincere when it came to paying the rent or the electricity bill, which brought in extra pressure for me. In fact the best and foolproof way to run a check on that person would be ask for his/her credit report so that you know how the person has been with his/her prior dealings.

What do you generally do on weekends?

This question is asked primarily to know if he/ she is a person who socializes and what are the things he/she does as a way of entertainment. This will make it easier for you to know of you belong to the same wavelength or not because the time that we spend with our roommates is mostly on the weekends so both of yours idea of entertainment should be similar, if not the same.

Do you bring friends over at home?

Now this question is a very important one and would give you an idea as to who are the people you will have to deal with since sharing the same apartment means putting your security, safety and privacy at stake. So make sure that you let your potential roommate know about the preferences you have regarding guests or friends at the place, especially overnight guests.

Do you have a pet or do you love/like animals?

In case you are an animal lover or your are not this question would make the situation clearer as to what preferences you both have regarding animals in the house

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